Petty Politics – PC Plod PM protection pilloried

Hehe – 2007 truly has been the ‘annus horribilis’ for the NZ Police force. To cap off:

  • rape accusations (and some convictions)
  • cops chasing cars crunching children
  • interminably slow or no prosecution of dodgy politicians (think Taito Philip Field, Trevor Mallard & Tau Henare, most parties for election funding rorts, etc)
  • tasering and/or gunning down ( or trying to) various folks, dogs, themselves; then demanding the right to decide that they should permanently get tasers

it seems the police’s Diplomatic Protection Squad (DPS) couldn’t even spot a few random taggers, or burglars, or Exclusive Brethren, … when they play whoopy at the PM’s house, or Parliament.

In their defence, police assigned to protect the PM (by speeding to rugby matches?) could hardly be expected to watch her residence or place of work, could they? Nah, too much to expect.


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