Dodgy Doc forces murder?

An interesting – and disturbing – comment from one of the women abused by dodgy medical doctor Roman Hasil when he was at Wanganui hospital.

One woman who aborted her child told the Listener: “I basically had to murder somebody because some bastard put me in that situation. It won’t go away.”

So, this poor woman acknowledges her abortion of her unborn child as murder, but (understandably) blames the bungling surgeon whose failed operation allowed her to become pregnant. 

While I feel immense sympathy for her, is it not strange she is so angry over a failed non-lethal (for her) operation, yet was able to – in her own words – murder her own child?

Chilling resonance with the Manurewa tagger murder – the disproportionately harsh outcome (murder in each case) gets little criticism, while the minor event (tagging or bungled gyno op) that triggered the worse event gets slammed.

Make no mistake – Dr Hasil should be struck off and jailed in my view, and was largely responsible for her pregnancy (not wholely, as no such operation can be fully relied upon). What amazes me is her ability to recognise her act of murder, while deflecting most of the attention onto the inept doctor whose actions led to it…

Disturbing that unborn children are seen as so remote from the rest of humanity that they can be acknowledged as killed with no apparent emotion or follow-up.

Even more disturbing is that those who advocate most strenuously for nil violence to children (e.g. Green MP Sue Bradford), are the first to claim a women’s right to kill their unborn children for convenience (not disrupting the mother’s life)…


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12 Responses to “Dodgy Doc forces murder?”

  1. keegan Says:

    Following comment sent, but had to be edited as noted (included a death wish – don’t do that please!).

    Roman Hasil is a good friend of mine, and i would just like to say that the filthy
    slut who aborted her child deserves everything that ever happened to her.
    I hope her life is ruined and she can’t sleep at night.


  2. Roman Hasil Says:

    keegan. Thank you.please help me

  3. squaredrive Says:

    If the above comment is from the real Dr Roman Hasil, perhaps you would care to respond to some of the allegations made against you?

    Of course, you are not obliged to, but it may help explain what appear to be pretty outrageous behaviour on your part…

  4. CheeseLover Says:

    How is it Dr. Hasils fault? she said herself it was her choice and she herself ‘had to murder’

  5. squaredrive Says:

    Um, Cheeselover, it is the fault of the surgeon who botched the operation that was supposed to prevent her getting pregnant.

    Now nothing in life is 100% failsafe, but the allegations against Dr Hasil are that he seriously messed up many operations, including this woman’s. She is justifiably angry that she ‘had to’ abort her child because she did not want that child, but she would not have been in the position of having the abortion if Dr Hasil had performed the operation correctly.

    The original post was mostly to draw attention to the contradiction between people acknowledging the human status of unborn children (“I basically had to murder somebody [her unborn child]”), while they still kill such unborn children.

    The post was not about Dr Hasil specifically, but if you or he want to reply about the allegations he faced, please do. Just try keep it on the facts, not just opinion (we all have them;) ).

  6. Cheeselover Says:

    When a condom fails. We cannot sue or accuse the company.
    When the pill fails to work, we have to acknowledge that our bodies are not compatible with it, and can I speak to the bastard scientist who invented the damn thing? no.
    Ironically, surgery which is possibly the most difficult to administer of the contraceptives available is held under the most scrutiny if it fails.
    Roman Hasil said it himself that he was supposed to be supervised during surgical procedures, but was not.
    Perhaps the hospital itself is the one that needs to answer some questions.

  7. squaredrive Says:

    Okay Cheeselover, but if contraception or abortifacients fail, you CAN sue the company! Selling or supplying a faulty product is grounds for a civil prosecution (goods must be of ‘merchantable quality’ when sold).

    So Dr Hasil does not have an excuse just because condoms regularly fail. The question is whether he was competent in carrying out the operations or not. What you have said suggests he did not feel competent himself (he felt the need for supervision).

    Certainly, if Wanganui DHB failed to give him adequate supervision they are culpable too, but the primary responsibility always rests with the surgeon who blundered (repeatedly in Dr Hasil’s case).

  8. myVoice Says:

    I was operated on by Hasil, I won’t even refer to him as a Doctor as he is nothing but a fraud. He did my sterilsation and fortunately I have not become pregnant ( as yet). I had to undergo further tests and it appears the clips were secured although another consultant gyno could not say clearly where they were as the pics taken were 3 or 4 frames too close so nothing was in perspective. After having the very painful dye test to check the clips I still did not feel confident that the op was done correctly and feel there is a possibility they could move or come off. I have no faith at all in the procedure. As for the fact he should have been supervised… YES, he should and that is the fault of the DHB. I do feel though that had Hasil been unsure or out of his depth he should have either refused to operate without supervision or drawn to someones attention in the DHB that he was being asked or expected to do operations beyond his capabilities. Not go ahead and do 32 then say, ‘Oh sorry, I should have been watched!’ The disgusting comment made above defies belief! Anyone who is a friend of Hasil may wish to stand by him but I truly doubt they would be spitting such obsenities on his behalf.
    Regarding the very unfortunate six ladies who became pregnant I cannot think of a worse predicament to be in. We all chose not to have more children by way of sterilisation. That is not a choice you make lightly. Although it is a fairly short op it requires a GA. Sure, some people can use contraception but some cannot due to other risks increased with age. I know if I had become pregnant I would have to have the baby as I truly don’t think I could abort. I would feel the same as the lady above, if a life inside you with a beating heart gets ripped out and the heartbeat ceases then how else could you see it but murder?
    The other thing that really bothers me is Hasil fled the Country and knowing his dreadful history and the carnage he has caused tries yet again to con his way into another hospital so he can start his mayhem all over again. HE IS A FRAUD, A LIAR, INCOMPETENT AND HAS NO CONSCIENCE.

  9. Keegan Says:

    sorry about the previous comments.
    Anyway I think the guy is an idiot, and you will see why in the next TV appearance about him.

  10. Connie Scholl Says:

    Why are they prolonging our misery about arresting Hasil! Seems he gets away with doing what he likes when and where he likes! Wake up Australia! If he got through to work unregistered and trained in our medical system, who else is doing it and who is going to be the next victim! Even you guys are at risk so look out! It’s not just women who can suffer you know!

  11. Nicole Says:

    I too was operated on by Roman Hasil and would have to say that part of informed consent is to know every operation has a risk and also to be aware that not every sterilisation is 100% successful… being a nurse I already had that knowledge.
    I presume the other ladies also acquired that knowledge.
    My bitterness would have to be directed at the hospital for one..not doing something right at the start when all the issues came to light and not investigating his workplace ethics and practice further but also because I was one of the lucky ones who heard it on the tv rather than being notified prior.
    My empathy and sadness definitley goes out to all the ladies who had the sterilisations done and I wish them all the best 🙂

  12. marieeleef Says:

    Hi my name is Mariee and i live in New Zealand, In September 2006 i had an operation by hasil for bladder incontinance in the Wanganui Hospital. Ever since the operation i have not improved in any way shape or form as a matter of fact i have become worse as time goes by prior to having my opertion. i know that a lot of other ladies are worse of than me however just sharing my small outcome with you makes me feel a little bit better. I am still angry at the way the DHB did not supervise or follow hasil up.

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