China – respect your citizens or lose the Olympics!

At least, it would be nice if hypocritical western governments would live up to such a threat. Instead, while western ‘leaders’ decry human rights abuses by tinpot dictators like Zimbabwe’s Robert Mugabe, they seem blind to Chinese government murder of it’s own citizens in Malipo in Yunnan province.

The continued angry riots and confrontations between Chinese villagers and big Chinese companies (and the police/army units that back the companies) reveal the true suffering of most Chinese people.

Ignore the pathetic demonstrations by middle class Chinese students in NZ and other western nations – these are the children of the rich elite in China who made their millions on the blood and sweat of Chinese workers – of course these Chinese students protest in ‘nationalistic pride for China’. Methinks they doth protest too much…

True concern for Chinese workers would see the NZ government and athletes withdraw from the Beijing Olympics and lobby the IOC for the Olympics to be shifted to Athens (host of the last summer Olympics and traditional home of the Games). It would also see Helen Clark and John Key rip up the recently signed NZ-China Free Trade Agreement, which will cement in such human rights abuses (free trade deals ignore human rights).


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