Bursting the ‘national security’ balloon

Stunning and brilliant! That is how I would describe the brave actions of the 3 Anzac Ploughshares activists who cut and collapsed one of the two domes hiding a spy satellite dish at the Government Communications Security Beureau (GCSB) at Waihopai.

These activists embody their Ploughshares principles of putting their words into actions, beating swords into ploughshares. Hence the use of sickles – it is a reference to the biblical passage:

They shall beat their swords into ploughshares, their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift sword against nation; and there shall be no more training for war. Isaiah 2:4

Left-wing bloggers have commented (No Right Turn) and noted the need to get rational support for such peacemakers, instead of the unfounded hysteria from right-wing commentators (Whale Oil). The PM – who really should learn not to comment on cases before the courts – says it was a “senseless” attack in the NZ Herald, despite it being clearly very sensible (i.e. making sense – we understand the motivation and reasons for the action).

But by far the worst is the GCSB’s own heads – who blither on about the action “not reducing the GCSB workload” (what, so the 2nd dish was redundant? why was it built then?) and GCSB director Air Marshal Bruce Ferguson claiming the GCSB wouldn’t spy on Kiwis (except they do whenever a Kiwi communicates with a foreign national or even a Kiwi overseas, so-called ‘foreign communications’).

Topping even that though, is the scum at the bottom of the pond, also known as the NZ Police force (with emphasis on the latter). These human detritus are trying to charge the Ploughshares folks with “entering a building with the intention to commit a crime”. Isn’t that the ‘home invasion’ burglary charge? These are political activists who prayed to God, and waited for the authorities to arrest them (in line with Ploughshares methods to draw public attention to their actions), not aggravated home burglars.

Oh, and the Police claim the damage will top $1million – got any quotes from builders for that PC Plod? No, didn’t think so. Just another pathetic attempt to hype up the hysteria against activists who have done very little damage in a highly effective action to draw attention to these vile spy dishes.

But to prove beyond reasonable doubt that they are venal, vindictive scum – the cops want to charge the GCSB 3 with sabotage. Yes, sabotage. Because at has up to a 10 year sentence, which is what the cops want to slap on anyone who dares to insult their paramilitary state apparatus…

Time to talk some truth – the GCSB and it’s spy satellites at Waihopai (and the radio station at Tangimoana, near Levin) are US military bases on NZ soil, totally secretive and yet funded by NZ taxpayers. Time to shut these ‘global US hegemony’ bases down (including the US military ‘Antarctic’ air base at Christchurch airport.

Kia kaha, Ploughshares!!! Thos who wish to donate to the Plooughshares to help them can do so at:

Te Wairua Maranga Trust, Westpac account number 03-1703-0036346-04

or visit their website.

Update:   The June 9th hearing in Blenheim District Court is just for lawyers to set a pre-depositions hearing date. Likely substantive hearing dates are 28/29th June, at which defendants should be appearing, so it would be good if supporters can pop in then, if you can make it.


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2 Responses to “Bursting the ‘national security’ balloon”

  1. squaredrive Says:

    Update – the Police has dropped the idea of charging the Ploghshares 3 with sabotage, which would have been absurd (and shows the thuggish nature of the police).

    However, the right-wing capitalists have gone all frothy at the mouth on Kiwiblog (at http://www.kiwiblog.co.nz/2008/05/the_idiots_are_now_fasting.html).

    I should mention that Nicky Hager’s book Secret Power is considered a highly authorative read (with much of the facts coming from frustrated GCSB staff). While Hager doesn’t necessarily want the GCSB scrapped, his book exposes how little ‘intelligence’ NZ gets out of these US spy bases.

  2. Le Boom, Boom - Le Spy, Spy « Square Drive Says:

    […] at Waihopai (near Blenheim) that had it’s direction-obscuring balloon deflated (see also my earlier post) a little while back by Catholic Worker peace activists. I bet they made the database […]

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