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Wotz under da hoodie? Sawn off shottie…

June 8, 2008

To those social liberals safely ensconced in Grey Lynn villas, waving the flag for ‘understanding’ of youth and the desire of (some) youth to wear hoodies (hooded sweatshirts) by running “Hoodie Day”, we have another demonstration of the purpose hoodies are put to nowadays.

Not to mention the adverse health outcomes from perpetual avoidance of sunlight.

What makes otherwise nice social liberals believe that everyone will adhere to their liberal (= everyone can do anything they like, so long as it doesn’t stop others doing what they want) beliefs. We are awash in evidence that many hoodie wearing youth thumb their nose at liberal ‘respect for others’ principles, yet still we are told to ignore this minority crime wave.

Perhaps it is because physical force is required to restrain and prevent thisĀ  minority of criminals, and the ‘no use of force’ mantra of liberals has become a new religious edict for them?