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Tell me again how safe Tasers are…

July 24, 2008
Taser being used

Taser being used

Good to see the Mounties are showing NZ how safe we will be if the police get the tasers they so desperately want.

Canadian teen killed by police tasers
9:10AM Thursday July 24, 2008

WINNIPEG, Manitoba – Winnipeg police say a teenager has died after being shot with a taser gun while he was brandishing a knife at officers.

I’m sure some will say the kid had a knife, yadda, yadda. That is why police are given stab-proof vests, riot shields, pepper spray, long batons and generally have the ability to surround offenders with large numbers. Police could even investigate using deer net guns (shoots big net over suspect, which tangles them).

But tasers, safe? Yeh, right!

Truckies – arrest ’em now!

July 3, 2008

Remarkable to see how everyone in ‘authority’ is bending over backwards to accomodate the protest of truckies against the government’s raising Road User Charges (RUC) by 7.5%.

Auckland Regional Transport Authority (ARTA) – charged with panning  planning Auckland’s transport – has decided they will shut down CBD bus services “until roads clear”, and Police are ‘working with truckies’. Stunning!

I recall student demo’s in the 1990s that intended to drive cars slow over Auckland Harbour Bridge as demonstration of student frsutration at ever rising tertiary education fees. Police arrested then-Auckland University Student’s Association President Brendon Lane under powers they have to hold anyone who is demonstrably intending to carry out an ‘offence’. So why haven’t they arrested the truckies leaders? And warned truckies that anyone infringing road laws will be promptly arrested?

After all, if a union has a strike (like Unite union foodcourt workers did last weekend at Auckland airport), cops turn out in large numbers to mooch around and ‘move along’ peaceful protestors. Aaaah, but I forgot – truckies are a vital cog in the capitalist wheel aren’t they? Can’t arrest our outrageous tax dodgers… (truckies are being subsidised as the RUC they pay is under the cost of maintenance and road construction costs attributed to them).