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Wotz under da hoodie? Sawn off shottie…

June 8, 2008

To those social liberals safely ensconced in Grey Lynn villas, waving the flag for ‘understanding’ of youth and the desire of (some) youth to wear hoodies (hooded sweatshirts) by running “Hoodie Day”, we have another demonstration of the purpose hoodies are put to nowadays.

Not to mention the adverse health outcomes from perpetual avoidance of sunlight.

What makes otherwise nice social liberals believe that everyone will adhere to their liberal (= everyone can do anything they like, so long as it doesn’t stop others doing what they want) beliefs. We are awash in evidence that many hoodie wearing youth thumb their nose at liberal ‘respect for others’ principles, yet still we are told to ignore this minority crime wave.

Perhaps it is because physical force is required to restrain and prevent this  minority of criminals, and the ‘no use of force’ mantra of liberals has become a new religious edict for them?


Bursting the ‘national security’ balloon

May 1, 2008

Stunning and brilliant! That is how I would describe the brave actions of the 3 Anzac Ploughshares activists who cut and collapsed one of the two domes hiding a spy satellite dish at the Government Communications Security Beureau (GCSB) at Waihopai.

These activists embody their Ploughshares principles of putting their words into actions, beating swords into ploughshares. Hence the use of sickles – it is a reference to the biblical passage:

They shall beat their swords into ploughshares, their spears into pruning hooks; nation shall not lift sword against nation; and there shall be no more training for war. Isaiah 2:4


Boycott Beijing Olympics and end ANC!

April 20, 2008

My mind’s made up – it’s time for all athletes and nations to boycott the Beijing Olympic games! Host the Games permanently back at their traditional home in Athens.

Why? Conscious that there is a great deal of hypocrisy in the West slamming China for human rights abuses – when the US and UK are two of the worst rights abusers in the world (think Iraq, Guantanamo, etc) – I have tried to see the good in athletes being able to compete independent of politics.

The massacre of Tibetan freedom activists by Chinese troops made that view hard to hold, and now a Chinese ship has tried to force 4 containers of arms into Zimbabwe, right when dictator Mugabe is likely to create a bloodbath (he has a history of this) to retain the power he lost in the March 29 elections.

The Chinese Foreign Ministry still thinks it can peddle lies like:

“What we want to stress is China has always had a prudent and responsible attitude towards arms sales, and one of the most important principles is not to interfere in the internal affairs of other countries,”

and people will accept such nonsense. No! Everyone has a right to interfere in another countries’ internal affairs when those affairs likely involve a government harming it’s own citizens (or claimed citizens). That is why China must lose the games (for Tibet and arms sales). 

<b>Update:</b> Matonga – see below – is actually Zimbabwe’s information minister. The ANC criticism stands though, asthey were very happy to let the arms flow to Mugabe…

Worse, the ANC government of South Africa is complicit, with ‘not so bright’ Deputy Information Minister Bright Matonga saying:

“Every country has got a right to acquire arms. There is nothing wrong with that. If they are for Zimbabwe, they will definitely come to Zimbabwe,” he told South Africa’s SAFM radio.

“How they are used, when they are going to be used is none of anybody’s business.”

Wrong answer!!! After a series of oppressive moves against their own people (including privatisation leading to overpricing of basic amenities), the ANC has lost any moral legitimacy and should be removed asap. Would the ANC have said that when the West was selling weapons to the apartheid government of South Africa?

But the primary blame rests with China – still trying to sneakily sell arms to the world while acting like a ‘friend’ of the third world. With friends like these…

Huge congratulations to the SAWATU watersiders union who blocked the arms being unloaded, and the Anglican bishop and activist who took the legal challenge to the ship being unloaded. True heroes worthy of the ‘gold medal’ for upholding human rights!