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Petty Politics – drop an anvil on Dunne!

April 28, 2008

I know it’s nasty, but won’t someone do NZ a favour and drop an anvil on the head of United Future leader Peter Dunne? ACME should be able to nick an anvil off Wile Coyote…

Dunne hibernates for 3 years between elections, then wakes up for a few months ‘common sense’ statements, before lurching off to lala land for another term of Parliament.

His latest offeringis ‘common sense’ support for National’s broadband $1.5bn public-private partnership plan. Regardless of merits (or not) of the idea, it is tiresome to have Dunne – whose only statements outside of the election period seem to be cheap personal attacks on the Greens – to call for party politics to be dropped for the glorious goal of faster broadband.

‘Common sense’ Dunne is not – his statements verge on the banal. Stating that faster broadband is a good thing (duh!) is followed by his killer remark that:

“It’d be excellent if politicians spent more time working out the answer to that question [how do we get…widespread, superfast broadband?]”

Now if only witless politicians like Dunne could do their job and actually think of some solutions, I would hang onto the anvil and not drop it on Dunne. It is the job of politicians like Dunne to ask Kiwis for solutions or to think them up himself – if he hasn’t done either then he is a total failure and should be sacked (ahhh, an election this year!).

Certainly commentators like Bill Ralston should not be heaping praise on ‘dead-loss Dunne’ for failing to do more than state the bleeding obvious. Surely?