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Crystal night?

February 8, 2008

Minor political events are taking a concerning turn. There have been calls from the National Party to have the requirement that political party ads list their financial agents home address changed to a business address or party HQ address.

Pro-National blogger David Farrar reiterates the party call for this, citing safety concerns.

Almost simultaneously, the Green Party Auckland office has it’s window smashed by a brick thrown by the group ‘People Power’. Given Farrar decried the previous ‘People Power’ attack on Helen Clark’s electorate office window, and is apparently in India at the time, it seems exceptionally unlikely he has anything to do with this 😉 Nor is it likely that anyone ‘officially’ in the National party would be so foolish.

However, there is a danger these attacks will allow a chipping away of the Electoral Finance Act provisions. Already Green co-leader Russel Norman has empathised with what seem to be weak concerns of home attacks on those listed on party propoganda. He should resist moves to change things for political parties. Why?

  1. There should be one law for all – wasn’t that National party policy?
  2. The risk of party agents being targetted is very low – real activists know they are not normally involved in the politics of the party.
  3. There is a danger that it will allow the return of mythical addresses being used by parties, as the Exclusive Brethren did in their pro-National campaign.

Let’s hope this isn’t a start of worse behaviour in election year.