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Stand back for the cover up!

May 27, 2008

Hard on the heels of news that a man arrested for domestic violence died in Rotorua police cells, is … the police cover up. It starts with the refusal of police to state the cause of death. Note the only reason for police not disclosing cause of death is normally the need to keep evidence secret, so evidence mentioned by suspects will show they knew details of the crime scene that were not publically known, and hence, their guilt.

When the crime scene is a police cell, the only possible suspects are the police and the victim, so there are no grounds for police to┬árefuse to disclose cause of death. Except to give the officers on duty time to ‘get their stories straight’.

This is followed by the “Independent Police Complaints Authority” investigation – done by a former senior police officer. Yep, that’ll be independent!

Time to have a genuine police investigation unit, with no police allowed on it. You do not require ‘familiarity’ with police methods, etc (the usual nonsensical dribblings given by police for having ex-cops on the IPCA), as anyone with a reasonable education can follow what methods police have used. After all, that is the very basis of the jury system…

And these are the same cops who want to use rifles instead of pistols, the same cops who blaze away at dogs in streets with people on them, the same cops who pepper spray and tazer (in the trial) restrained or innocent people. Aaaah, just makes you appreciate how ‘safe’ we are in NZ, eh?