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Capsicum Kills

February 5, 2008

News just in (4pm news, National Radio, 5 Feb 08) reports another death in South Auckland – this time at Police hands.

 A 40-year old Polynesian man in Mangere was being spoken to by Police for an alleged assault, when capsicum spray was used to subdue him (along with a baton blow to his arm).

The man is reported to have dropped to the ground and died a short while later. Naturally, Police have launched internal and PCA investigations, but does anyone trust these? Heck, the PCA investigation into Police oppression of Free Tibet protestors took 8 years! And let them change their police operations instructions to ‘legalise’ their illegal actions…

NZ needs a genuinely independent police complaints body – one which has no police involved in investigations or the writing of reports. Let the Civil Liberties Union pick a panel to run it.