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Nats to ban Black Caps Zimbabwe tour?

February 16, 2009

Woohoo! Good news, from the National government, of all people. Prime Minister John Key has strongly hinted that the Nats will ‘order’ the Black Caps to not tour Zimbabwe this July. If so, this would let NZ Cricket off the hook for potentially millions in default fees, under ICC rules that block a nation cancelling a tour for political reasons. Essentially, the ICC recognise that if the NZ government ban the Kiwi cricketers from touring Mugabe’s land, then the decision is taken out of the hands of NZ Cricket CEO Justin Vaughan.

This can only help Zimbabwe’s quest for human rights; despot Mugabe is a known cricket fan, so it will hopefully send him a clear message that respecting human rights in Zimbabwe is more important to the world than a cricket tour (much as we like the latter).


Fourth times a charm for NZ Cricket

November 26, 2008

And so yet another confident contender embraces the role of incumbent Black Caps coach. Congratulations to new NZ mens cricket coach Andy Moles, who will hopefully bring his Warwickshire batting experience to bear profitably on the all too fragile Kiwi batsmen.


Finally! Hadlee goes as selector

March 3, 2008

At last the ‘living legend’ Sir Richard Hadlee has moved on as selector for the NZ men’s cricket team. Hadlee’s bizzare selection fantasies have ruined many careers and teams, from his desire to pick a Praetorian guard of players over 6ft tall, to his fetish with picking players straight from age-group teams to the national side, in the hope he would ‘find’ the next Tendulkar. Rationality wept…

And judging by the stupidity inherent in Dion Nash’s comments, so should he. If you’re a selector, you select the side, not delegate the task to the coach and captain. Least of all the captain, who has the obvious conflict of interest – they are up for selection themselves!

Yet according to Nash:

 the final choice was left to coach John Bracewell and captain Daniel Vettori