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Petty politics – sack the spin doctors, UoA!

March 28, 2008

Hard on the heels of the Employment Relations Authority (ERA) finding that University of Auckland (UoA) managers were wrong to fire Dr Paul Buchanan for an ‘intemperate’ e-mail, comes the spin and lies.

Exhibiting the kind of denial that would normally get you committed, UoA vice-chancellor Stuart McCutcheon seems to think the bosses won!!!

McCutcheon said UoA management “believed the upholding of the decision to sack him was ‘an appropriate outcome'”.

Except UoA lost!!! And were fined $68,000…

Perhaps UoA should pay the $68,000 fine they were given for unjustified dismissal by sacking their pathetic spin doctors who write the VC’s speeches.

And eat some humble pie, take Dr Buchanan back, and ensure he has some training in what are appropriate e-mails!