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(Ig)Nobel Peace Prize

October 9, 2009

The Nobel Peace committee have made a bad joke of the 2009 Nobel Peace Prize, awarding it to US President Obama for…what was it now? Oh right, because “Obama captured the world’s attention and given its people hope for a better future”. Obama’s spin doctors deserve a stonking great pay rise for getting the NPP committee to swallow his schmaltzy ‘Change we can believe in’ campaign slogans.

What has Obama changed in the US, let alone the world? His health reforms are bogging down, and were so watered down they change little. And as No Right Turn (who is also choking on his cornflakes) points out, Obama has continued the Iraq (mostly by proxy) and Afghanistan wars. And Obama refused to even speak against the Israeli slaughter of over 1300 Gazans at the start of this year, nor has he put stricter sale conditions on the arms, missiles, tanks & helicopters he supplies the Israeli government. And his efforts at nuclear non-proliferation seem mostly to be about stopping other countries the US doesn’t control (Iran, North Korea) from getting nukes (so they can scare the US off from invading them – how cheeky!).

Perhaps Ronald McDonald will be next to get a Nobel Peace Prize, for helping so many people get so obese they can’t fight anyone (or get off the couch).


All hail the Obamessiah!

November 5, 2008

US Republican presidential candidate John McCain just conceded, and liberals all over the States have gone berserk, weeping and falling to the ground to worship the new President. It really is that stomach churning. And I’m not exactly a Republican kinda guy…

What is interesting is that in NZ’s Scoop website coverage, the first thing Gordon Campbell wrote about after the announcement of Obama’s presumed election (always wait for the official result – remember 2004?), was abortion. Namely, the US President’s ability to appoint new Supreme Court judges, and the impact Obama would have on the Roe vs Wade abortion legalisation decision.

Obama is rumoured to want a Freedom of Choice Act, similar to the legalisation moves recently passed in Victoria, Australia; removing all reference to abortion being the taking of a human life (current laws allow that unborn child’s life to be taken, but claim it is justifiable, so makes it legal). Will Obama listen to the pro-life voices, or will he trample on human rights of the most vulnerable?